Oriental Medicine (Hanuiwon)

Feeling worn down? Strained a muscle?  Caught a cold?  A visit to the Korean Traditional Medicine Clinic (한의원: hanuiwon) can be a great way to shake off the stress and relax.  An hour session of acupuncture and heat treatment will cost about $6 with insurance, and around $25 without it.  Don’t expect it to cure major ailments, but it can really help with minor aches and pains due to stress or overexertion.  It’s also a cool way to experience Korean culture.

Hanuiwons are not hard to find in South Korea.  If you live in an urban area, there are probably several within walking distance.  Usually they are located on the second, third, or fourth floors of commercial buildings.  Just look for a sign that says “한의원.”

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Korean.  We’ve found that the head doctors at most hanouiwons speak basic English.  Besides, it doesn’t take an extensive vocabulary to communicate.  Just point to the part of your body that hurts, and they’ll know what to do.

Visit our permanent page on hanuiwons for more details.

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