Still Under Construction (But Making Progress!)

We apologize for the current state of our site.  After a brief hiatus, we’re back in action, and working on revamping our site to provide better and more convenient service to the KoreaNow! community.  Thanks for your patience, and stay tuned.  In the mean time, most of our resources will remain accessible, and we are still actively accepting inquiries and applications for our Job Placement, Visa-Run Special, and Study Abroad programs.  

Like KoreaNow! Consultation, South Korea continues to thrive, offering vast opportunities.  Our previous “Under Construction” post included a photo of the construction site for the Lotte World Tower.

From that hole in the ground, an impressive tower has sprouted.  We couldn’t find a current photo, but several months ago it already looked like this:

Jamsil Tower under Construction

When it’s complete, the Lotte World Tower will be one of the tallest structures in the world, over 500 meters tall and 123 stories.  Here’s a preview of what’s to come: 

Jamsil Tower Projection

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