Events & Programs

KoreaNow! Events

Feeling a bit lonely in Korea?  Miss you friends back home?  Well, we’ve got a solution! KoreaNow! would like to invite you to come and hang out with us.  Meet some new friends and do something cool!  We host a wide range of events and trips throughout the nation.  From open mics to pillow fights, flim festivals to baseball games, you can learn about it here

KoreaNow! Programs

Sure, that party was fun, but you’d like to find some more productive ways to enrich your life abroad….  Well, KoreaNow! can help you enroll in our affiliated courses and programs at discounted rates.  Wanna study Korean?  Eager to try your hand at the haegum, a traditional two-stringed fiddle?  How about joining a pickup soccer team?  Learn more here.

KoreaNow! Explorers

This series is expats who aren’t into the idea of structured trips and programs, but would nevertheless appreciate some suggestions for independent exploration.  Find bi-weekly posts about exciting excursions to try here.

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