KoreaNow! Programs

Participants in one of our affiliated Language Exchange Programs

KoreaNow! can help you enroll in our affiliated courses and programs at discounted rates.  Some programs are available for free!  To request more information about a particular program or to initiate the enrollment process complete the form listed below.  After we receive your form, one of our qualified specialists will contact you.

Alumni Program Enrollment & Information Form

Korean Language Class

We recommend that anyone who wants to learn more than the basic survival phrases enroll in a Korean Language Class.  We’ve teamed up with our favorite universities and language academies to offer you classes appropriate to your location, level, and budget.  Some classes are free!

Language Exchange Program

A language exchange program can be a great way to improve your Korean Language skills and meet some new friends!  You’ll get one hour of free private instruction for every hour you spend in a conversation section with native Koreans.  The instruction is fantastic and the conversation sections can be fun too! Most of the members of the conversation section will be college students and young professionals, and can already speak English at a high level.  Most programs are hosted by cafes and include free coffee!

Taekwondo Class

Taekwondo is the traditional Korean form of martial arts.  Taekqondo classes are a great chance to experience Korean culture and improve your own physical health.

Traditional Korean Music Lessons

Have you ever played the haegeum?  How about the janngo?  The first is a two stringed fiddle and the second is an hourglass shaped drum.  When we first arrived, we hadn’t even heard of them, but after a few months we were ready for our first recital. A ten week course costs just W30.000 and includes free instrument rental.

Korean Cooking Class

If you think you like Korean Cuisine, just wait until you try homemade Korean Cuisine.  Impress your friends when you invite them over to a delicious dinner of kimchi-jiggae and haemul-pajeon.

Book Club

Like to read books?  Like to talk about books?  Like fresh croissants and coffee?  Our KoreaNow! book club meets weekly at a cafe in Soraemaeul, Seoul’s French Quarter.  A great way to spend a lazy Sunday morning.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Seoul isn’t exactly famous for it’s Frisbee scene, so we were surprised to find a pretty vibrant weekly pickup game going on during the spring and summer.  Get out, meet some friends, and enjoy the fresh air.  As an added bonus, you’ll get stares from Koreans who have never seen a Frisbee before and are curious about your bizarre flying disc.

Fitness Club Membership

A fitness club membership is a great way to stay in shape and stave off that infamous soju belly.  You might even be able to fit into some of those super skinny Korean jeans!  We can offer you discounted rates at a number of fitness centers nation-wide.

Temple Stay Program

A Temple Stay is a cultural-experience program designed to help people understand Korean Buddhism better. Temple stays offer various kinds of practicing methods such as Yebul (ceremonial service involving chanting), Chamseon (Zen meditation), Dahdoh (tea ceremony) and Balwoo Gongyang (communal Buddhist meal service). Participants can find their ‘true self’ amongst the harmony of nature while staying at a temple.

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