Kondae Chinatown

Location: 건대 차이나타운

Date Visited: Frequent (2010-present)

Description: Kondae is allegedly home to the largest Chinatown in Seoul, and the second largest in Korea.  You may not feel this when you step out of the station, but you’ll definitely feel it when you stroll a few blocks south.


At the district’s center is a strip a few blocks long widely known for 양꼬지 (lamb skewers).  In addition to lamb skewers, many of these restaurants also specialize in 화거 (szcheuan hotpot shabushabu).

If you live in Seoul and don’t have the time or money for frequent trips to China, Kondae Chinatown is certainly the best (and perhaps the only) place to get your fix of authentic Chinese cuisine.

If you like to cook, Kondae Chinatown is also a great place to stock up on ingredients that are impossible to find or prohibitively expensive elsewhere in Korea.

For instance, a large bushel of cilantro will cost about 2,000W.  If you’re lucky, you could find about 15% the quantity for the same price at a large E-Mart, if they even have it in stock.

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