You’ve read about the numerous economic and personal benefits you’ll receive as a teacher in South Korea.  The next step is to find a position.  KoreaNow! Consultation can guide you from start to finish.  Here’s an overview of the process and a brief explanation of the services and resources we can offer you:

  • make sure you  are eligible
  • complete our online application
  • once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll arrange an interview to discuss your skills and placement preferences
  • we’ll contact our employer network to find positions that meet your needs
  • review our application tips or request a free consultation session to increase your potential make sure your resume gets to the top of the pile
  • review our visa guidelines and begin to gather the required documents.  you will be required to submit an appostilled national background check, which can take up to 3 months, so we urge you to request it now
  • when an employer wants to hire you, we’ll help you set up an interview
  • we hope to offer you several positions that meet your needs
  • once you’ve selected a best position, we’ll review the contract with you to make sure you understand all the provisions.  we can also negotiate on your behalf to make minor adjustments
  • you sign a contract.  congratulations!  by this point, you’ve probably started the visa process, but we’ll continue to assist you
  • for applicants already in Korea, we can offer discounted rates and expert support on the visa run
  • we offer continued support for the duration of the contract.  for more information on our logistical, social, and educational support related to all aspects of life and work in South Korea,  check out our Koreapedia, as well as our unique Events and Programs

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