Snacks & Desserts

김밥 (Gimbap)

Cooked rice is slightly seasoned with sesame oil, salt, and sesame seeds. Then it is placed on a sheet of dried laver. Strips of ham, pickled radish, seasoned spinach, and egg are then placed close together on the rice; it is then carefully rolled together until the roll is evenly shaped. The street vendors usually sell a mini-roll.

부침개 / 전 (Buchimgae/Jeon)

Kimchi or seafood is stirred in a flour mixture, and then pan-fried in oil. Depending on the ingredients of choice, some types of buchimgae include kimchi-jeon and seafood-jeon.

떡볶이 (Tteokbokki)

Rice powder is steamed and made into a long cylinder-shaped rice cake called garaetteok. It is cut into finger size pieces and cooked in a spicy and sweet sauce. Meat, vegetables or ramyeon can be added depending on different tastes. Tteokbokki, along with gimbap and odaeng (skewered fish cake), is one of the most common foods sold by street vendors.

순대 (Sundae)

This is a traditional sausage made of pig intestines stuffed with a mixture of bean curd, vegetables and potato noodles.

어묵 (Eomuk)

This is usually referred to as odaeng. Odaeng is a kind of fish cake. It is made of ground fish. This fish cake is skewered and soaked in boiling water along with radish and green onions. This popular dish is especially loved during the cold winter months.

튀김 (Twigim)

This crispy fried treat is made in the same style as Japanese Tempura. Squid, dumplings, sweet potatoes, imitation crab, and assorted vegetables are among some of the most popular varieties of twigim that are served up on the street.

(Bungeo-ppang/ Gukhwa-ppang/ Gyeran-ppang)

Bungeo-ppang gets its name from its fish-like shape. This sweet snack is molded in the shape of a carp, which is called bungeo in Korean. A pancake batter-like shell is filled with red-bean paste and then baked; it is especially enjoyed in the winter. Gukhwa-ppang is shaped like a flower and is slightly smaller than that of the similar tasting bungeo-ppang. Gyeran-ppang is also made of a pancake batter-like shell, but this is filled with an egg instead of the red bean filling.

호떡 (Hotteok)

Flour and sugar are kneaded together and shaped into a small ball. Vegetables are sometimes added to the batter. Sugar and cinnamon are usually the staple fillings.

쥐포, 마른 오징어 (Jwipo/ Dried Squid)

Jwipo is a type of dried fish. At street carts, jwipo and dried squid are roasted over a bed of pebbles.

닭꼬치 (Dak-kkochi)

Small pieces of chicken are skewered, coated in spicy sauce, and then grilled.
와플 (Waffle)

Like Europe and America, Korea has also begun to enjoy the taste of the waffle. Waffles are usually topped with honey or apple jam and butter.

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