Live Music Venues

Need to find a venue? Or curious what a venue is like? We are putting together a listing of places to help you get around and find what you need. If we are missing something or our information is out of date, please drop us an email and let us know.  Unfortunately, many of the links listed below are not in English.

500 (O-Baek) – Funky basement bar that is big enough you don’t feel claustrophobic, with a South-Asian flair to its design. Oh, and you have to take your shoes off here. Located beside the Design Museum.  Map here (scroll down, Korean only).

Badabie – A small, basement club, with audiences seated dutifully on benches in front of the stage. A little hard to find. Badabie is located on the Shinchon side of the bridge that separates Hongdae from Shinchon, on the west side of the road. Map.

Bbang – Small basement club, across the street from the Coffee Prince coffee shop (close to the Sanullim Theater). Another club with shows five nights a week, but benches and seated audiences.

Club Evans – Popular jazz bar, located above the 7-11 in the heart of Hongdae. Maybe a little too popular, as it is often quite hard to find a seat. Map.

Club FB – Small, out-of-the-way club on a small alley close to the jazz bar Moonglow. A Korean-language map on the club’s homepage.

FF – One of the more popular locations in Hongdae, especially with the foreigner scene.

Freebird – One of the oldest live clubs in Hongdae. Located on a hard-to-find side alley behind the Hongdae Nolita Park.

Kuchu Camp – Aka “Kongjoong Camp”, this is a basement bar that occasionally has live music — although when it does have live music, it is often quite good. Located just down the street from Bowie, on the road with all the galbi restaurants. Korean-language Map.

Platoon Kunsthalle – Apgujeong

Rainbow – Laid back bar where all patrons sit on the floor. There’s never a cover charge and they occasionally have some cool bands playing on weekends. To get to Rainbow, go out Gangnam Station exit 6. Walk straight for about 250m and then turn left at the Giordano clothing store. Walk straight to the second crossroad and turn right at Dunkin’ Donuts. Rainbow is on the right hand side.

Rolling Hall – One of the larger live concert spaces in Hongdae.

Sangsang Madang – The biggest building in Hongdae, a twisted grey thing that looks like where theSkeksis live. Houses a cafe, arthouse movie theater, live space, art space, a shop and more. Map.

Yogiga – C-08. Basement artspace and sometimes concert venue. Concrete and simple. Located close to Rolling Hall on the south side of Hongdae.



Outside of Seoul

Club Fabric (Busan)

Club Interplay (Busan)

Moo Monk (Busan)

Vinyl Underground (Busan)

Club Heavy (Daegu)

Club That (Daegu)

Guess (Daegu)

Organ (Daegu)

Urban (Daegu)

Geez (Daejeon)

Sky 2 (Daejeon)

Speakeasy (Gwangju)

Frog and Toad (Ilsan)

Ruby Salon (Incheon)

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