The best KoreanßàEnglish dictionaries are designed for Korean users.  Although they are bilingual, they use Korean interfaces, so they may be a little harder for non-Korean users to navigate, but they’re worth it once you get the hang of it.

Moreover, to use any KoreanßàEnglish dictionary, we highly recommend that you learn  Hangeul.


We could recommend a hundred decents websites, but we thought we’d keep it simple and give your our favorite.  Not only does it include a huge number of words, but it also provides multiple examples of most words in context.


The dictionary is provided by Naver, which is one of the top search engines and email hosts in South Korea.  It’s basically the Korean alternative to Google.

The website includes dictionaries in multiple languages, so you’ll need to input your search term in the correct box.  For KoreanßàEnglish, you should use the green box titled 영어 사전 located on the right hand side of the page near the top.  It’s the box we’ve circled in red on the below image.


With the exception of a survival phrasebook, we don’t feel it’s worth it to buy a print dictionary.  Either


Most phones (even the cheapest phones on the market) come with a KoreanßàEnglish dictionary.

Don’t have a phone?  Visit our guide on How to Purchase a Cell Phone in Korea.

To use the EnglishàKorean dictionary will require that you can read Hangeul, the Korean alphabet.  Visit our guide on Hangeul: The Korean Alphabet.

To use the KoreanàEnglish dictionary, you’ll need to be able to input text in Hangeul.  Visit our guide on How to Text in Hangeul

Smart Phone users will need to download a separate application.  Many options are available.  Visit our guide on Translation & Dictionary Applications.

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