Shopping for groceries in Korea is much easier than most people assume.  All Korean cities will have numerous outdoor markets offering fresh produce, seafood and other Korean favorites.  The food within these markets is quite cheap and offers a decent alternative to the large franchise food chains.  The large corporate grocery stores such as HomePlus and E-Mart have a wide range of products that will provide westerners with food options similar to western style supermarkets.

The best thing is that most neighborhood supermarkets deliver for free and, because it’s Korea, of course you’re not expected to tip.  If you don’t speak Korean well, we recommend that you write down your address on a piece of paper before you go.
It’s sometimes difficult to find western spices in Korea, however, condiments such as Heinz ketchup, French’s mustard, relish, salad dressings, mayonnaise, hot sauce and other favorites are available in most of Korea’s large grocery stores.  Also, you can find pretty much any foreign foods at one of the many International Markets in Itaewon.


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