Getting a haircut in Korea can be a wonderful experience.

If you’ve ever taken an intro Economics course, you might remember the haircut as the classic example of why, even in a world with unrestricted global trade, prices levels will very from country to country.  You can’t outsource a haircut.

If you could, we think that just about every hair salon and barber shop in the United States would be out of business.

Haircuts in Korea are not only cheaper, but much better.  They’re usually very thurough and, in our experience, even a simple men’s haircut takes almost an hour.  They usually wash your hair twice in that time, and give you a leisurely scalp massage.

Unless you speak Korean very well or you go to a shop that caters to foreigners, we recommend that you rely on the photos.  Usually they’ll have books of example cuts, and you can just point to one and communicate the rest with body language.

If your hair is really different from Korean hair, they may not be used to it, and it probably won’t look exactly as it does in the picture, but unless you’re very particular about your cut, we doubt you’ll have any regrets.

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