T money

Where can I buy a T-Money card?
You can buy it from any subway station counter or any convenience stores like GS25, Family Mart, 7-Eleven and MINISTOP that have the T-Money sign displayed. It only cost KRW 2,500 (RM 7.13) and you will need to add money to the card before using it.

How to recharge a T-Money card?
The easiest method for us is via the ticket vending machines. If you are technically challenged, you can always buy the credit from the convenience stores or subway ticket counter. You don’t really need to speak Korean – just hand them your card and the cash amount you wanted to add.

  1. The vending machines operate in either Korean, English, Chinese or Japanese. Just select your language preference and the rest of the menu will be in the selected language.
  2. Touch the T-Money card icon on the right side of the screen.
  3. Place your T-Money card on the electronic card reader marked with the T-Money logo.
  4. Select the cash amount you wish to add to your card.
  5. Place the money into the machine.
  6. Wait until the recharging process is completed, and don’t forget to take the card with you.

How do I use the T-Money card?
Simple! Just scan your T-Money card on the card reader on your way in and out of the subway. The display will show you how much has been deducted from your card and the current balance.

Why use a T-Money card?

  • It’s really convenient and save up your time queuing up for a ticket.
  • The base transit fare for a T-Money card passenger is KRW 800 compared to a normal ticket KRW 900.
  • You get a 10% bonus whenever you top up your card. If you recharge KRW 10,000, you will actually have KRW 11,000 added to your card!

Can I get a refund for the remaining balance?
T-Money cards have no expiration date and the unused balance will remain on your card until the entire amount is used up. You can receive a refund for the balance on your card at convenience stores like GS25 that charges KRW 500 (RM 1.43) fee and the card price of KRW 2,500 is not refundable.


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