Download here: Marigolds

Comprehension Questions

1) Describe the setting of the story.

2) What can you infer about the narrator’s socio-economic situation?

3) How is Miss Lottie a source of “real fun” and “real fear” for the children?

4) Why do the children hate the marigolds?

5) Why does the narrator call Miss Lottie “Old Witch”? Why does she feel ashamed afterwards?

6) Why does the narrator’s father cry, and how does the narrator feel when she hears him?

7) Why do you think the narrator destroys the marigolds?

8) How does the narrator’s opinion of Miss Lottie change in the end?

Further Activity

1) Write a short story about something foolish that you did and now regret.

2) Rewrite this story from Miss Lottie’s perspective.