So you wanna come to Korea?  You wanna come now?  Our Pre-Arrival Resources will give all the information you need to get here!

The Perfect Candidate

What do employers look for in prospective teachers?  What should you include on your resume?  What types of questions will you be asked in the interview?  Do you need a cover letter?  We’ve asked ten of our most successful alumni for recommendations and consolidated the results into these simple tips.  Make sure your application goes to the top of the pile!  Read more

The Perfect Job

Finding the right position is a prerequisite for a positive experience abroad.  We hope to offer you a range of positions but which one is best for you will depend on your personal preferences.  We’ve identified the most important factors to consider when you make your decision.  Read more

Visa Resources

You need a visa to teach in South Korea.  Most expats need an E-2 Visa.  Although your employer will sponsor your visa, it will be up to you to obtain the required documents and submit them.   The process can take a few months, so we advise you to plan ahead!  Read more

Travel Resources

Now that you’ve found a job in South Korea, how will you get here?  We’ve logged enough frequent flier miles to go to the moon and back, and are eager to share our expertise.  Read more

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