The Perfect Position

We conducted a survey of of 200 ex-pat teachers in South Korea to determine the most important factors to consider when choosing a position.   According to the results, here are the top six:

1) Compensation

Seems straightforward but it gets complicated when you have to compare hourly and monthly wages or factor in unique benefits.  Read more…

2) Responsibilities

How much you’ll earn must be considered in context of how hard you’ll have to work for it.  Read more…

3) Location

Where you choose to live and work will affect all aspects of your year abroad.  Not familiar with the geography of Korea?  No problem!  Read more…

4) Students

The age and level of you students makes a big difference.  Each demographic offers distinct advantages and disadvantages.  For instance, take preschoolers.  Some teachers view them as adorable and energetic.  Others view them as a headache.  What about you?  Read more…

5) Staff & Administration

At small schools, you may be in direct contact with the president.  At larger schools, you might be at the end of a long chain of command.  At any rate, the most important consideration is that you are able to communicate with your employer.  Read more…

6) Co-Workers

It helps to have supportive co-workers.  They are a valuable source of advice in the initial stages of your job and will often become your closest friends.  Read more…


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