Will my students look like this?

Or this?

The age and level is an important factor in your experience as a teacher.  Each age has its own unique behaviors and needs:

Kindergarten & Pre-K

Pros:  Full of enthusiasm, no academic coursework prep required, super cute!

Cons:  Loud, cry and scream a lot, may not follow or understand instructions


Pros:  Full of enthusiasm, minimal coursework prep required, quick to absorb new information.

Cons: Loud, huge range of levels


Pros: Capable of more sophisticated topics and debates, obedient

Cons: Tired, bored, not interested in their studies, socially uncomfortable

High School

Pros:  High ability, self motivated, mostly SAT and other test prep

Cons:  Extremely stressed, may require extensive out-of-classroom prep


Pros: may be at a high level, conversational

Cons:  May not take their work seriously (Koreans are supposed to work very hard during high-school, and college is generally used as a chance to relax before beginning a stressful career)


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