• High Salary
  • Fantastic Benefits (Accommodations, Airfare, and more!)
  • Travel
  • Learn Korean
  • Earn Valuable Experience Abroad

For a country with an outstanding reputation for rapid economic development, especially in the fields of telecommunications and information technology, the ability of its citizens to communicate effectively in an increasingly global marketplace is essential. For this reason, Koreans place great emphasis on ensuring that their children are well prepared to participate effectively in today’ s global economy.

These kids seem pretty excited about English Class!

Education has always been revered in Korea, based on traditional Confucian values. Today, over 12,000 native English-speaking teachers work in this land of 47 million.  Native English teachers work in private language schools, private corporations, universities, as well as public elementary, middle, and high schools.

Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul

The opportunity to experience a vastly different culture is a primary motivation in bringing foreign teachers to Korea. The financial benefits of working in Korea also are considerable. The pay scales for foreign teachers enable them to live comfortably and also save money. Teaching experience in Korea can be a valuable asset to any professional resume.

Minnesota?  Nope!  Expat teachers at an LG Twins game!

We work with a select group of private language institutes and public schools who seek the services of qualified native speakers of English who have the abilities to teach English as a second language.

Our contacts include large educational companies, government run public school systems, as well as private independent academies.

Native English-Language Teachers are compensated very well in South Korea.

You will earn more in South Korea with just a Bachelor’s Degree than the average new teacher with a Master’s Degree would earn in the United States.

You will also earn more than you would in other locations around the world:

A year in South Korea is a great way to pay back those student loans!  The average teacher—fresh out of college, with no experience or special certification—earns between $2000 and $2500 per month.  Those with additional skills or experience can earn more.  Most contracts include free round-trip airfare and accommodations.  Income tax is a meager 3% and foreigners who work in South Korea are exempt from other taxes.  Moreover, basic necessities are much cheaper than in other developed nations.  A good meal can be had for $3.  A ride on the subway costs about $1.  Most teachers are able to save half of their income and still have cash to spare for travel and fun.

The non-financial benefits of a year abroad in South Korea are harder to quantify, but are just as vast.  It’s a great opportunity to see a new place, experience a new culture, learn a new language, acquire new skills, and meet new friends.  After you return home, the global awareness, insight, and prospective you’ll have gained from the experience will boost your resume and be a valuable asset in any career.  However, you might like it so much you decide to stay!

Cherry Blossoms, Seoul


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