KoreaNow! Co-founders Nathan Greenberg and Tarik Zawia at the Seoul Global Design Exposition, 2009. 

KoreaNow! Consultation is a unique organization that offers a wide range of services and resources with the overall aim to foster educational partnerships between the United States and South Korea.  We’ve divided these services and resources into two broad categories:


KoreaNow! Consultation’s TEACH IN KOREA Program aims to provide prospective teachers from the United States with the support and information needed to work and live in South Korea.  Tarik and I were inspired to launch KoreaNow! Consultation after our shared experience as participants in the Global Leadership Development Program at Far East University, located in the Chungcheongbuk Provence of South Korea.  We’d both ended up in Korea by chance, uncertain about what to do after our respective graduations from Cornell and Brown. But by the end of the year, looking back, the decision to come to Korea seemed like destiny.  The idea for KoreaNow! Consultation came to us on one of the last nights of the Global Leadership Development Program.  Seated around a table laden with  haemul pajeon (seafood pancake), doenjang jjigae (soypaste soup), various types of kimchi, and makgeolli (rice wine), we began to reminisce on all of the incredible experiences we’d found in Korea.  In the course of a year, we’d formed close friendships with locals and foreigners alike, mastered the basics of the language, traveled to all of the nation’s eight provinces and to most of the major cities in East Asia, taken art and fitness classes, joined a Korean folk-music fusion band, starred in an independent film, gotten ourselves on the guest-list for reception dinners with ambassadors and other diplomats, and developed a taste for dozens of foods that we’d never even heard of before our arrival.  Moreover, our time in Korea had exposed to new ideas and possibilities that we knew would forever shape our lives.  And to think, we’d ended up there by accident!  KoreaNow! Consultation emerged as a way for help other uncertain American grads access the incredible opportunities awaiting them in South Korea.  Although we feel that South Korea is a relatively comfortable place to live, we realize that it can seem inaccessible to first-timers.   It takes a lot of courage to move halfway around the world and delve into a new culture.  Additionally, prospective teachers face logistical challenges such as finding the right job, applying for a visa, making travel arrangements, and getting oriented to life abroad.  Through KoreaNow! Consultation, we hope to share our experience and to help other Americans have a safe, enjoyable, and enriching experience teaching English in South Korea.



KoreaNow! Consultation’s STUDY IN AMERICA Program aims to provide South Korean students with the support and information needed to find an enriching study-abroad experience in the United States.  After a couple of years teaching college prep courses (SAT, ACT, AP, etc.) in Korea, and later, as a private consultant to Korean students applying to American universities, I became aware of the numerous challenges Korean students must face in order to study-abroad.  Moreover, I met many Koreans who studied abroad, but lacked the resources to immerse themselves there, and failed to realize their goals.  Tarik and I envisioned KoreaNow! Consultation’s STUDY IN AMERICA program as a utilize our expertise with the college admission process and our contacts with American high-schools and universities to help Korean students not only find suitable study-abroad opportunities in the United States, but also to thrive there.

We hope that you appreciate the resources available on this website.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we invite you to contact us personally, through the methods listed on our CONTACT page or at my email address listed below.

-Nathan Greenberg

President & Founder

KoreaNow! Consultation


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